Clash Of Lights APK Download {Official} All COC Servers (S1-S4)

Clash of clans is one of the most popular game on play store. It is one of those addictive games that people will play, whenever they have some spare time. But the original game comes with a lot of frustrating restrictions which ruin the entire gaming experience.

The game runs on resources and original clash of clans game have very limited resources to spend. These resources are used in upgrading and unlocking items. These resources play a major part in making you successful in the game.

It takes a player, a lot of time in earning those resources (Gems, Elixir, Gold). Some of these, even need to be bought in the original game, but we have gotten a solution for this.

Clash of Lights APK (All COC Servers) S1-S4

After a certain time, clash of clans becomes frustrating because our progress is stopped due to limited resources. But some developers have created a mod of clash of clans and named it “Clash of lights APK.” It is one of the best mod of our favorite game clash of clans. It has all the features of original game but there are some additional features too, which makes this game more interesting and better than the original game.

Clash of lights mod apk is hosted on private servers and this thing makes the game more likeable. If we say it in short, then, it is actually a mod that has been hosted somewhere on private servers that offers unlimited gems, elixir, dark elixirs, and gold to its players.

Clash of light has too many servers to choose from and each server has something different, something better and unique to offer. If server offers you everything unlimited then other can guarantee you 100% uptime. Similarly, There are many more features you’ll see when you play Clash of lights APK.

1. Clash of lights Server S1

Clash of light S1 server has many things to offer to its users. When you download this you get unlimited resources and there is basically no cost on resources at all. You can easily unlock enemy traps. There is more than 600 slots available, you can create a very large and dangerous army.

2. Clash Of Lights Server S2

It is one of the finest server of clash of light. It has everything that a gamer wants. You will get unlimited resources with this server. Able to create unique and awesome costumes for your army. You will get the power to create your heroes. You can also create buildings, all by yourself. Also, there is no waiting time, when you create a building.

3. Clash Of Lights Server S3

It is a perfect server for you, if you are looking for 100% uptime and no server crashes. It doesn’t give you only good uptime but its speed is also awesome. With this server you will be able to set beast tower, island tower and legendary tower. Which will increase your safety and give a boost to your defense.

4. Clash Of Lights Server S4

It is also a private server that is created for clash of clans mod. It has similar features as other servers but it is better because you will get maximum uptime. You can have unlimited troops in this private server. Also, you can have unlimited building upgrades.

Basic Features Of Clash Of Lights APK (COC Private Servers)

  1. Create alliances – You can create numerous alliances in this mod of clash of clans.
  2. 100% Uptime – These servers guarantee you 100% uptime. Also, the game doesn’t lag anywhere and the speed we get is awesome.
  3. Completely Secure – These private servers are completely secure to use. You don’t have to think about your security.
  4. Unlimited Resources – It is the basic feature of all servers, you will definitely get unlimited resources. And you can use these resources to train your troops and build your village easily without wasting a lot of time. The default resources amount will be Gold 1,000,000,000, Gems 1,000,000,000 & Elixir 1,000,000,000.

Clash Of Lights APK Download File Info :

APP NAMEClash Of Lights APK
Size:109 MB
Version:10.322-38 (All New Servers)
Mod by:Light Servers
Requires root:No
Last updated8 May 2019

Download Clash Of Lights (Complete Servers + Main APK File)

Click on the link below to download the latest version of Clash Of Lights Hack APK Complete servers and main file.

How to Install Clash Of Lights Servers – Android

  • First download the clash of lights apk file in your mobile.
  • Now open your file manager and look for the apk file that you have downloaded.
  • If you have found the apk file, click on install. If your phone gives you a warning which says installs from unknown sources not allowed then you need to allow installs from unknown sources by changing the setting.
  • Once you have changed the setting, you will be able to install the app. After installing the app you can enjoy the limitless music.

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