Clash Of Magic APK Download {Official} All COC Servers (S1-S4)

Clash of clans was launched way back in 2012 and since then it has remained one of the most played and most popular mobile game on all platforms. If a game becomes popular, people tend to launch modded versions of it. Similarly, Clash of clans have several mod versions but clash of magic and clash of lights are the two most popular and highly played mods of our beloved game.

If you have played clash of clans then you will know that game is too tough to master. The original game is slow. It has limited resources to spend, and it takes a lot of time in progressing. Also, It takes a lot of time in earning those resources. After a certain period, It becomes a bit frustrating for gamers and at that time these mods come to the rescue.

If you are tired of your limited resources in clash of clans then you need to give clash of magic a try. Clash of magic is one of the best mod of the clash of clans game. It has all the features that clash of clans offers, but there are additional features too, and those features make it an awesome mod.

What is Clash Of Magic APK

Clash of magic is a mod version of clash of clans game. It runs on a private server and it is very different from other modded versions. Clash of magic private server apk has several servers and each server has something different for its users. If you are tired and bored with your regular clash of clans game then you can give this mod a try for sure. I am assuring you clash of magic won’t disappoint you.

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Clashofmagic is a private server that has four different sub-servers and each server has some different features. If you don’t want your game to be easy, then you can try one of the four servers with comparatively fewer features than others. But if you want everything unlimited in your game then there is a server for you to choose.

Clash of magic has been hosted on some private servers. So, you will not have to worry about getting blocked. You will also get 100% uptime and nice speed while playing the game. Clash of magic doesn’t lag even a bit. It also receives regular updates from the developers of the game.

What Are Private Servers of Clash of Magic APK?

Clash of magic comes with four different servers and each server has different features to offer. Also, each server has a different name. The servers are fast and comes with Ddos protection and 99.99% uptime. You can play the game on these servers 24×7, without any problem.

Features of Clash of Magic APK (MOD)

This mod has all the features of original clash of clans game but it is far better than original because you get unlimited resources to spend. It is also better than other mods of clash of clans game. Clash of magic has some features which make it more likeable than other mods of the game.

Clash of magic comes with anti-ban feature. As we know that this mod has different servers so, you cannot be banned because you are not playing the game on actual clash of clash server. Also, this mod of clash of clans game doesn’t require you to root your mobile phone. It works perfectly fine on unrooted devices.

This mod is compatible with nearly all versions of android. The game is also compatible with iOS devices and works perfectly fine on all iOS devices. Apart from all these features, the mod offers 99.99% uptime. The servers are very fast and secure.

Clash of Magic APK (All COC Servers) S1-S4

1. Clash Of Magic S1 (The Black Magic)

One of the most popular server of clashofmagic mod. It is also known as the black magic server. An ideal server to all those who doesn’t like restrictions and limitations in their game. In this server you have everything unlimited and it is the reason of its success and popularity.

2. Clash Of Magic S2 (The Hall Of Magic)

It is the second server of clashofmagic mod. Also known as the hall of magic. It is a bit different from server 1 as it doesn’t give you power of unlimited resources but there is a limit on those resources. If you like little limitations in your game then this mod will definitely suit you.

3. Clash Of Magic S3 (The Power Of Magic)

It is the third private server of clashofmagic mod and It is also known as the power of magic. It is less modified than s1 and s2. This mod is also faster than S1 and S2. You can easily progress in this mod.

4. Clash Of Magic S4 (The Power Of Magic 2)

It is the fourth server of clashofmagic mod. its known as the power of magic 2. It is different from all three mods. If you want unlimited resources in the game but want normal construction time and building cost at the same time then it is definitely for you.

Basic Features Of Clash Of Magic APK (COC Private Servers)

  1. Create alliances – You can create numerous alliances in this mod of clash of clans.
  2. 100% Uptime – These servers guarantee you 100% uptime. Also, the game doesn’t lag anywhere and the speed we get is awesome.
  3. Completely Secure – These private servers are completely secure to use. You don’t have to think about your security.
  4. Unlimited Resources – It is the basic feature of all servers, you will definitely get unlimited resources. And you can use these resources to train your troops and build your village easily without wasting a lot of time. The default resources amount will be Gold 1,000,000,000, Gems 1,000,000,000 & Elixir 1,000,000,000.

Clash Of Magic APK Download File Info :

APP NAMEClash Of Magic APK
Size:109 MB
Version:10.322-38 (All New Servers)
Mod by:Light Servers
Requires root:No
Last updated8 May 2019

Download Clash Of Magic (Complete Servers + Main APK File)

Click on the link below to download the latest version of Clash Of Magic Hack APK Complete servers and main file.

How to Install ClashOfMagic Servers – Android

  • First download the clash of Magic apk file in your mobile.
  • Now open your file manager and look for the apk file that you have downloaded.
  • If you have found the apk file, click on install. If your phone gives you a warning which says installs from unknown sources not allowed then you need to allow installs from unknown sources by changing the setting.
  • Once you have changed the setting, you will be able to install the app. After installing the app you can enjoy the limitless music.

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