Best 10 Tips And Tricks For Playing With Your Friends [Invite friends to play Minecraft Dungeons with you]

The game allows up to four players to participate in a session, where users can easily drop in and out of the games. So, let us take a look at how you can set up an online multiplayer and invite your friends to your session. you will have the option of either joining one of your friend’s online session or creating a new session of your own. Both the options can be accessed from the main menu where you get to choose your character.

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1. Boss Rush

There are numerous bosses in Minecraft Dungeons who can be quite worthwhile to defeat after blasting through a level and looking after the threats that lie within. However, it would be first-rate to address a mess of those bosses at once.

That is — glaringly sufficient — what the Boss Rush mod targets to accomplish. In reality, this mod ramps up the difficulty even further by using adding three devices of every boss for every wave. It’s a absolutely tough mod that most effective the maximum accomplished veterans of this recreation have to try out.

Minecraft tips and tricks survival 2023

2. Too Many Outfits Now With Capes

Individual customization is an critical part of any RPG, and Minecraft Dungeons is not any exception to this golden rule. A few players have clearly lamented the reality that the clothes featured on this recreation don’t permit for deeper and greater sturdy customization.


This could be modified with this mod, which does precisely what’s said within the call. The sheer variety of clothes delivered on this mod is without a doubt mind-boggling, with a total of 100 new skins introduced to the primary game. At the side of this, the mod also provides 16 capes, as well, to feature even extra flair to one’s man or woman design.

3. Cacti Waves

Given the engagingly simple fight device in Minecraft Dungeons, it needs extra task for the sake of veterans and replayability. It is ripe for an arena-style combat wherein waves upon waves of enemies siege gamers. The Cacti Waves mod addresses that purpose and greater.

The mod replaces Cacti Canyon with an area map wherein gamers should fight a whopping twenty-5 waves of enemies. It is a tough gauntlet, however well-organized gamers, who grow to be throwing everything but the kitchen sink on this high-stakes battle, will certainly revel in a heightened feel of pleasure after fighting a lot of these waves.

4. Taiga Camp

Not anything beats the comfort of entering the game’s camp after a difficult day of dungeon crawling. Even that ease can get dull by means of the same attractions. As comforting as familiarity is, Minecraft has taught us that you can redesign the arena as you want.

For these gamers, the Taiga Camp mod is an appropriate strategy to negate the problems resulting from this hassle. Players do not want to be worried about this camp inflicting problems in multiplayer — the most effective issues as a result of this mod will be only some visual glitches and nothing greater.

5. DualShock 4 Icons

It is downright crook for present day video games to not have adaptive structures that exchange controller buttons based at the device that is currently plugged in. That is the case with Minecraft Dungeons, which functions the classic Xbox prompts for controllers even if players have connected a DualShock to their device.


This is in which the DualShock 4 Icons mod comes into the photograph. In a bid to make the sport much less complicated for playstation  users, this mod adds the icons of the DualShock four controller — a boon for players who in reality detest the controller prompts in the authentic sport.

6. Cosmetics

The Cosmetics mod adds a handful of togglable and wearable mob heads and easy add-ons. Whilst you may farm mob heads in Minecraft, you don’t have that option in Dungeons. Even after the season bypass finished improvement, Minecraft Dungeons failed to put in force similar cosmetics.

This is why mods exist. From time to time you need to show off and run a victory lap around a challenging boss. There’s no harm in a bit showboating. And at different times, clearing out regions even as carrying a rubber ducky floatie has that missing dork factor.

7. FreeCam Beta

Do you ever need to play a game with a brand new attitude or have a tool to test out small information? The FreeCam Beta mod offers gamers free variety to break faraway from the overhead digital camera attitude. Perhaps there is a neat Easter Egg hidden in someplace out of sight.

However, Minecraft Dungeons wasn’t created with a unfastened-perspective digicam in mind. You will right away observe how the arena is carefully built around digicam-unique angles. And the purpose is easy: if a participant isn’t going to see the information, there’s no factor in making it.

8. Various Pet Mods

Gamers of Minecraft Dungeons will fast come upon a adorable hen in an effort to accompany you as your puppy at some point of the whole game. However, no matter how cute or lovely said hen might be, there are a number of you who might understandably need their pet to appearance and experience somewhat exclusive.

This is wherein the numerous pet mods for Minecraft Dungeons come into the photograph. These mods allow the base fowl mod to get replaced by way of a strider, panda, wither, creeper, dragon, phantom, or something else that could suit their fancy.

9. Rustic Loading Screens

The default loading screens of Minecraft Dungeons aren’t without a doubt something to write down home about. In fact, they are able to get downright boring to take a look at after some time.

Players who need the loading monitors of this recreation to have particularly extra fashion and panache should actually test out the rustic Loading displays mod. It replaces the default loading displays with a greater fashionable one, or even includes tales from a random adventurer in the game’s international to feature even greater taste to the lawsuits.

10. Faster Startup Screen

Booting up Minecraft Dungeons may be particularly of a ache due to the numerous intro screens that end up making you wait to jump in. Given how effective most structures are, it won’t in reality take that lengthy to load the game besides. Even then, while you need to play a game, you want it to load as speedy as viable.

This is in which the quicker Startup screen mod comes into the picture. True to its name, the mod finally ends up hastening the intro films to shorten the weight time of the sport.

Minecraft tips and tricks survival 2023

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